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(Pre Order) Ellie | Doodle Hat (Grey/Silver)

(Pre Order) Ellie | Doodle Hat (Grey/Silver)

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Pre Ordered Item- Estimated Delivery is Late May

🐾 Unique Doodle Designs:

  • Tailored one-line representations of your beloved Doodle breed.
  • Exclusive, handcrafted designs that capture the essence of your furry friend.

🧢 Premium Quality Material:

  • Crafted with the finest materials for durability and comfort.
  • Breathable and lightweight, making it ideal for all-day wear.

🌈 Personalized Expression:

  • Showcase your love for your Doodle with a personalized touch.
  • Express your unique bond through carefully curated designs.

🌟 Stand Out in Style:

  • Elevate your casual look with a fashionable yet meaningful accessory.
  • The perfect conversation starter for fellow Doodle enthusiasts.

🎁 Ideal Gift:

  • Thoughtful and personalized gift for Doodle lovers.
  • A unique way to celebrate the bond between pet and owner.

🌿 Versatile and Comfortable:

  • Suitable for various occasions, from walks in the park to casual outings.
  • Adjustable strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit for all head sizes.

🌟 Handcrafted with Love:

  • Each cap is meticulously crafted with attention to detail.


    Unleash your Doodle love and embrace a style that's as unique as your furry friend! Upgrade your hat collection with our Doodle-Themed Ball Cap – Where Fashion Meets Furry Friendship.



    Structured Rope Snapback

    Mid Profile

    Poly/Spandex Material

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    Please allow up to 2 business days (Monday-Friday) for your order to be shipped, and 2-5 days for your order to arrive. If you need an item sooner, please contact us directly and we will do our best to arrange.

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    7 1/4 - 7 3/4

    Care Instructions

    1. Fill a container with warm water. You could use a bucket or even a sink, and ensure that the water is not hot.

    2. Add a laundry detergent to the water. We recommend using a gentle, all-purpose detergent.

    3. Spot-clean any stained areas. When you wash a baseball cap or snapback, pay close attention to any stained areas. Use a clean toothbrush or soft-bristled brush and drop of detergent. Gently rub the detergent directly on the stain.

    **Take care around areas of stitching to avoid causing damage.**

    4. Place the hat into your water and detergent filled container for up to two hours. Half way through the soaking stage, check on any stains. Repeat step 3 if the fabric shows any stubborn stain remains.

    5. Use warm water to rinse your baseball cap. Take care to remove all traces of soap.

    6. Dry your hat. After you've given your cap a wash, there are 3 steps to ensure your cap is fully dry before use.

    1. Firstly allow your hat to drip dry removing initial excess water; placing a towel beneath to prevent water damage to counter tops or tables.

    2. Next, use a towel to pat the hat dry and remove excess moisture. Always pat to ensure you retain the shape of the hat.

    3. Place a jar such as a coffee or jam jar on a dry towel and place your hat on top. Leave it to dry overnight.

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